About PMA

Advancing Our Industry and Our Individual Businesses

Want Versatility? Reliability? Durability? Manufacturability? One material does it all: cast polyurethane. And one organization connects you to all the best benefits and the best companies in the cast polyurethane industry. That’s PMA, the Polyurethane Manufacturers Association.

At PMA, we’re leading the way to growth that leverages the power of cast polyurethane. As the exclusive organization dedicated to this versatile material, PMA is the industry’s trusted resource for the latest technology, practices and knowledge. We’re committed to accelerating our members’ success both by promoting polyurethane’s many advantages over rubber, plastic and metal and by advancing new business opportunities in diverse markets. Meanwhile, we continue our successful tradition as the lead policy advocate for our industry, empowering polyurethane processors and suppliers in a changing regulatory environment.

That’s how our members win, their customers win … and consumers win, too. It’s Our strengths. Your gains. And it’s all thanks to the superior products made possible by PMA members and polyurethane—versatile, reliable and so much more.

Our Mission: 
To promote the polyurethane elastomer industry and drive the growth of its member companies. 

Our Goals: 
Promote the polyurethane elastomer industry. 
Enhance the value of PMA membership. 
Grow PMA member's profitability.