Technical Committee

Committee Chair
R. Scott Archibald
Coim USA Inc.



Committee Co-Chair
Shaun Gosselin
Gallagher Corporation

The primary function of the Technical Committee is to evaluate the technical and processing needs of this industry and develop reference materials and programs to meet those needs. This committee is involved with identifying and updating all resources for members, and handling two major components of the PMA Annual Meetings: 

PMA Technical Paper Presentations (offered every year)
Technology is a driving force in the cast urethane industry, leading to new processes and products, refining the established ones, maximizing investments in time, money, talent and materials. For more than thirty years, PMA technical papers have helped map the industry future. technical paper presentations have provided an important industry opportunity to showcase technical developments to industry leaders at PMA meetings, and are incorporated into every Annual Meeting. 

Selected papers are chosen for presentation based on their technical content, timeliness of the subject, and relevance to PMA members and the industry. More than 300 technical papers are currently available for members to download at no fee, and non-members may purchase copies for $50 each. Click here to review the complete list of technical papers. 

Processing Techniques Seminars (offered in even numbered years)
PMA's Processing Techniques Seminars (PTS) offer a hands-on training opportunity for urethane industry professionals. They are designed for front-line personnel who handle specific, complex challenges associated with urethane production - plant managers, design engineers, owners, research and development engineers and foremen. 

Each topic is led by a carefully selected industry expert in order to provide an interactive learning atmosphere where attendees can meet with in a casual, yet informative setting to gain valuable education and information. Starting with the 2008 PTS trainings, members will be able to download each recorded presentation at no fee, these are not available to non-members. Click here to review a list of PTS sessions and presenters. 

Supplier Showcase (offered every year)
The PMA Supplier Showcase is the leading marketing opportunity providing suppliers of raw materials, processing or other equipment; research laboratories, consultants or trainers, and systems manufacturers the ability to showcase their products and services to processor members