Certification Program

PMA's Regulatory Compliance Self-Certification Program is only available to PMA members, and remains an important part of PMA’s commitment to its member companies, the industry as a whole, and the world in which we live. The four-tiered program enables all member companies to demonstrate compliance with all applicable health, safety, environmental, and transportation regulations. The program is endorsed by Legal Counsel Don Gallo who states:

"Not only does the self-certification process help your company from losing time and money to employee health issues and accidents, and lowering the risk for fines and legal liability, you are also promoting the safety of your workers, and protecting the environment."

Legal Counsel, Don Gallo


HSE Policy Statement

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Level I: Commitment

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Demonstrate that your company's management is committed to meeting the minimum existing regulations, that resources are committed to this important work, and that new employees receive appropriate safety training

Level II: Compliance

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The following are the sections for certification at Level II:

  • Commitment of Management
  • Protection of People: Compliance with OSHA Regulations
  • Employee Monitoring: MBOCA & Isocisoyanates
  • Protection of the Environment: Compliance with Environmental Regulations
  • Community Relations:
  • Compliance with Community Right-to-Know requirements, including:
  • Management

**please note, if you will be completing Level II - Verified please send completed form directly to PMA legal counsel, Don Gallo, Axley Brynelson LLP / dgallo@axley.com

Level II: PMA Safe & Compliant Verified

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Consider OPTIONAL 3rd party verification of your Level II compliance to set your company apart by earning this seal for use in your marketing materials: 


Level III: Leadership

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The following are focus areas for certification at Level III:

  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental
  • Health, Safety, & Environmental Management Programs 

Level IV: Mentoring

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Mentoring requires a company to meet and exceed the Leadership Level requirements and participate in one or more ways as a company representative to PMA Regulatory Affairs programming. Direct all questions about the PMA Self-Certification program to: Environmental, Health, Safety & Regulatory Committee Chair Mike Kocak 724-741-3337