2017 PMA Members

ACR Group Inc

Acrotech Inc
ADC Solutions LLC
Advanced Process Technology Inc
American Colors Inc
American Urethane Inc
Anderson Development Co
Apache Pipeline Products
Argonics Inc
Aurora Rubber & Distribution, Inc
Axiom/Griffith Polymers
Azelis Americas
Bailey-Parks Urethane Inc
Bossco Industries, Inc
Brant Industrial Roll
CAM Specialty Products Inc
Cent Roll Products Inc
Cerulean Technologies
Chemline, Inc.
Chemtura Corp
Chromaflo Technologies Inc
Conversion Technology Inc
Crosslink Technology Inc
C.U.E. Inc
Dicar Inc
Dynasauer Corp
Dynatect Ro-Lab Inc
Edge-Sweets Co
Elasco Urethane Inc
Elastomer Engineering Inc
Elastomeros Taza S A de C V
Ephrata Precision Parts Inc
Epic Polymers Systems Corp
Era Polymers Pty Ltd
Esco Plastics Co
Everchem Specialty Chemicals
Fenner Precision LLC
FlackTek Inc
Friction Coating
Gallagher Corp
Gantrade Corp
Globe Composite Solutions Ltd
Green Rubber-Kennedy Ag
The Hansen Group, LLC dba Aragon Elastomers
Hennecke Inc
HiTEK Urethane Global
Humanetics Innovative Solutions
Humble Industries Inc
Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri
Industrial Wheels Inc
Isotec Polymers Inc
Jewell Hudgens Inc
K-I Chemical U S A Inc
Kastalon Inc
Maclan Corporation
Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc
Max Process Equipment LLC
Mearthane Products Corporation

Meggitt Polymers & Composites
Michelin North America
Midwest Rubber Service & Supply Co
Millennium Elastomers
Molded Dimensions Inc
Northern Plastics Ltd
Novathane/Forest City Technologies
OmniSpecialty Corporation
Omni Technologies Inc
Ottobock Health CareP.A.T. Products Inc
P.A.T. Products
Perstorp Polyols Inc
Pipeline Pigging Specialties Ltd
Plastiques GyF Itée
Polycoat Products
Polycraft Products Inc
Polymer Components
Polymer Products Inc
Polymeric Technology Inc
Polyurethane Products Corp
Polyurethane Specialties Co Inc
PSI Urethanes Inc
Purel Chemical LLC
Q-Cast Inc
Quality Polly Pig Ltd
Reaction Industries LLC
Repi LLC
Rexnord Industries
Rit-Chem Co Inc
RotaDyne Roll Group
Royal Adhesives & Sealants
Royalthane Inc
Rubber & Silicone Products Co Inc
Seco Machine
Sioux Rubber & Urethane
Skate One Corp
Specialty Roller and Machine, Inc
Specialty Urethanes Pvt Ltd
State Mix Ltd
Stellana U.S.
Stepan Company
Stockmeier Urethanes USA Inc
Stockton Rubber Mfg Co Inc
Stoltz Industries, Inc
Stoner Inc
Suncast Polytech Inc
Superior Tire & Rubber Corp
Thomas West, Inc
Thombert Inc
Thomson Gordon Group Inc
Townley Engineering & Manufacturing
Travi Plasticos Industrials Ltda
Trico Poly Systems LLC
Urethane Innovators Inc
Urethane Source, LLC
U.S.A. Drives, Inc
Vail Rubber Works
Velsicol Chemical, LLC
Willsup Inc

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