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PMA_Surprisingly_Versatile.jpgMarketing ‘Surprisingly Versatile’ – Polyurethane!

In 2009, the Polyurethane Manufacturers Association decided to add a new benefit for members. We created an association-wide marketing communications program to help promote the cast polyurethane industry, increase usage and highlight our members.

The purpose of the program was to tout cast polyurethane’s benefits, build positive buzz surrounding the material and the industry and reinforce that the PMA is the organization to trust for information and resources in cast polyurethane.

We partnered with Scheibel Halaska- a strategic marketing communications firm based in Milwaukee – to accomplish this goal. In the first year, Scheibel Halaska has:

  • Established a new brand for our organization
  • Launched a multifaceted marketing campaign for cast polyurethane
  • Developed brand-based messages to help promote the industry and the PMA
  • Secured coverage for our association and individual member companies

Review of Recent Successes

Here’s a look at several marketing communication tools that are helping reinforce PMA as a trusted and knowledgeable resource to current and prospective members.

Public Relations

PMA’s public relations campaign has secured coverage in ten key publications. When comparing the PR wins to what it would have cost the association to place advertisements, the PR wins are worth a total of $165,306.70.

Nearly half a million people have read about the PMA during the past year!

New Brand Position

Based on research involving members, industry observers and others, PMA’s brand position – the way we want audiences to think of our association – can be summarized like this:

The PMA connects members and markets in a way that actively fosters the exchange of information, ideas, practice and growth opportunities for individual, company and industry growth.

Our brand position helps us achieve several objectives:

  • Differentiate the PMA from other associations
  • Launch a range of conversations about attributes and offers
  • Rally, align and mobilize PMA members and association leadership
  • Leave space for our association to evolve to meet new needs

New ‘Tagline’

A tagline is a memorable phrase that sums up the tone and premise of our brand. It shows up in the PMA logo and in many different communications.

PMA’s tagline = Our strengths. Your gains. ( Use PMA logo and tagline graphic)
You can see how this statement appeals directly to a material user (e.g. OEMs, designers, etc.) regarding the “strengths” of polyurethane as a material of choice. Meanwhile, it also emphasizes the many benefits of membership in our association.

Electronic Communication
In addition to quarterly e-mail communications, we created a PMA blog called Surprisingly Versatile, where you can find information about members’ activities and business initiatives, as well as industry updates and regulatory issues.

Our blog continues to grow and maintain readership; on average we have approximately 92 visitors per month.

We continue to seek ideas from members to support the polyurethane industry. If you haven’t already done so, check out today!


PMA Backgrounder PDF

Polyurethane Backgrounder PDF