2010 State of Polyurethane

The Post-Recession State of the
Cast Polyurethane Industry

PMA-Commissioned Study Predicts
Continued Growth


The results of our commissioned study reveal a renewed sense of optimism among cast polyurethane manufacturers and suppliers.

Members predict increasing use of cast polyurethane in 2011 by both traditional customers and those in new markets. The news matches much of what we are seeing across many industries, as manufacturing carries us all out of the Great Recession. And we couldn’t be more proud of our progress.

A few of highlights of “The Post-Recession State of the Cast Polyurethane Industry” study:

  • Cast polyurethane is gaining in popularity among engineers and designers for use in a wider range of applications. With more OEMs and product designers switching from rubber, metal and plastic materials to cast polyurethane, more products are made out of cast polyurethane than ever before.
  • The versatile material is expanding into new markets and offers new opportunities to existing markets. Cast polyurethane is expected to play a greater role in applications involving tires/wheels, defense, medical, automotive, mining and oil and gas production.
  • Processors and suppliers continue to advance the physical properties of the material. The industry is focused on developing new cast polyurethane formulations that make products more durable, more resistant to chemicals, more abrasion resistant and more able to fit into varied applications.

Lessons for Cast Polyurethane Processors, Suppliers

With this positive news, members need to explore opportunities to continue to educate decision-makers on the long-term benefits of using the material. While the majority of PMA members report customer interest in converting more products and parts from materials such as plastics and rubber to cast polyurethane, manufacturers need to turn that interest into action by dispelling common misconceptions and highlighting the material’s durability and unique physical properties.

Like any material processors, members must take a more proactive stance in identifying growth and product/service diversification opportunities. A growing customer base ensures strong future success.

See below to download a copy of “The Post-Recession State of the Cast Polyurethane Industry – An Independent Study Commissioned by the PMA.” If you’re unable to download this file, contact the PMA office at info@pmahome.org or (414) 431-3094.

Download a copy of “The Post-Recession State of the Cast Polyurethane Industry"