Welcome to the PMA Virtual Technical Library, a new addition to the PMA website. The VTL is designed to be a one stop source for those who are seeking to learn more about polyurethane, specifically liquid castable polyurethane elastomers.

It consists of several sections ranging from a list of polyurethane text books, technical and academic journal articles, samples of common urethane calculations, US patents pertaining to important urethane technology, conversion tables, a list of links that go directly to key suppliers and much more.

The VTL is designed to a continuous work in progress. Everyone is invited to submit suggestions with respect to additional subject matter as well new categories.

Section 1 - Suggested Text Books

Section 2 - Related Trade Publications

Section 3 - Suggested Reading: Technical/Trade Journal Articles

Section 4 - Interesting US Patents

Section 5 - Common Urethane Calculations

Section 6 - Conversion Tables for Metric (SI) / English Units of Measure

Section 7 - Formulas for Area, Volume and Centroid of Common Geometric Shapes

Section 8 - Common Urethane Extenders / Crosslinkers

Section 9 - Common Tests Used in the Cast Urethane Elastomer Industry

Section 10 - Masters/PhD Theses

Section 11 - NAICS Code